Photo by Jesse Ekholm.

Photo by Jesse Ekholm.


Ricky Lindén works within sound design, painting, composing and writing in Helsinki, Finland.

His paintings were discovered by gallerist Lea Karttunen in 2015. He has since been part of her yearly group exhibitions at Galleria Saima in Helsinki. He has also exhibited his work at Musslan in Stockholm.

In 2018 he published two short stories in the magazine Nya Argus.

Independently he has directed short films and music videos, often together with cinematographer Jesse Ekholm.

Under the name Rikky dark acoustic songs with a hint of art rock are recorded. So far there has been two albums, two EP's and two singles. He collaborated with Canadian singer-songwriter Clara Engel in 2016.

Within the sound department he does freelance projects for different production companies in Helsinki.